Abstract Elongated Genuflecting Balinese Women cupped hands Sculpture Bali Art

$ 298.00

Abstract Elongated Genuflecting Balinese Women Giving Offering Sculpture is artfully carved by Made' Bantuan from a solid piece of mahogany. Knees bent under her body, continuing up her gracefully curved, sarong draped body to her bent arms and open cupped hands which are tucked under her sweet and serene face. Carved in the elongated style made famous in Mas Bali, a village famous for their master wood carvers.
Beautifully finished and waxed this lovely carving would look in your foyer or entrance or on a coffee table with flowers tucked in her hands. 
One of a kind, you will receive the exact carving you see here. This is not a stock photo. All of my fine Hindu and Buddhist sculptures are one of a kind works of art that I choose by myself, directly from the artist in Bali. 

      • Specifications
      • 20" long 
      • 4" high 
      • 8" wide
      • Solid wood
      • Hand Carved in Bali
      • Ships FAST from the USA


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