Affirmation Prayer Flag String Lotus Meditation Garden banner Bali Art 8'

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Affirmation Flags


Our Beautiful Hand Silk Screened Lotus Affirmation Prayer Flags Positive energy affirmations - . Perfect addition to your home! Our gorgeous and colorful prayer flags are completely hand crafted of fine cotton fabric, each flag is silk screened by hand onto the fabric with the affirmation in english. The edges of each flag are finished in a smooth nicchi sewn edge for a finish that will not ravel or fray. Where ever you decide to hang this beautiful work of art it will look amazing and provide you with years of pleasure. You may machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry, or dry on a cool cycle in your dryer.


Red: I am safe, I trust more, I fear less, I am centered & grounded

Orange: I feel my emotions & my pain. I reawaken my passion. I surrender to the moment.

Green: I am courageous. I am whole. I stand in my power.

Turquoise: I am loved. I let love in. I am kind to myself. I live in peace & gratitude .

Light Blue: I play in my imagination. i create my reality. I know & share my truth.

Dark Blue: I honor my intuition. I accept my path. I am healing body, mind & spirit.

Pink: I connect with spirit. I invite sacred transformation. I embrace the unity of all beings.



    • Colors may vary due to the hand crafted nature of this product
    • Contains 7 flags on a cord
    • each flag measures 11" wide X 8" long
    • the cord length is approximately 8 feet long
    • Don't miss out on the chance to own one of these amazing works of art for your home!



Any variations in the color are due to the hand crafted nature of this product,and are in no way considered defects. This is are flection of the hand made origins of this beautiful hand crafted product. Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, print placement may slightly differ from the photo provide in the listing.This is your guarantee of a true hand made creation


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