Vitarka Teaching Buddha Hand Carved Wood Sculpture

$ 398.00

Vitarka Mudra Teaching Buddha, hand carved on the Island of Bali from crocodile wood By Dewa.

This Buddha has a beautiful presence & expression. Very peaceful and serene as the Buddha is seated in the lotus pose, the hands are perfectly carved and held in Vitarka Mudra which symbolizes the teachings of Buddha, discussion and intellectual debate. 

An exquisite addition to any home or sacred space. 

Crocodile wood is a sustainable hardwood with a beautiful clear and tight grain that is often the choice of Balinese Master Wood Carvers for finer quality sculptures such as this Buddha. 

  • Ships quickly from our location here in Maine, USA.
  • approx. size: 12.5" Tall - 6" deep X 7" wide
  • Hand carved in Bali
  • One of a kind
  • Genuine crocodile wood








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