Balinese Spiritchaser Ornament set Hand carved & painted wood

$ 39.95

Vintage Balinese Style Spiritchaser Ornament Set, Mermaid, Dewi Sri, Serpent Goddess, Naga Dragon & Elephant crafted in Bali by a talented family of artisans. Albesia wood, a sustainable fast growing wood is hand carved & hand painted based on traditional Balinese designs.  Acrylic  paints are applied by hand in shades red, blue, green and yellow with highlights of gold leaf. 

Each will have a slightly different face and expression, this is because this is a unique hand crafted item. Sizes may vary a little bit due to handmade nature of this product.



  • Complete with cord and ready to hang.
  • 6" long 
  • Handcrafted in Bali
  • Ships FAST from our location in the USA

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