Balinese Architectural Door Lintel Arch Carved Wood relief panel Bali Art 39"

$ 449.00





Vintage Balinese Art Panel hand carved in the Traditional Lotus motif with Balinese Dancer figures on each side of the lotus. This unique piece of vintage architectural art is a door lintel carved from very heavy and solid slab of jackfruit wood. Display as is, or incorporate into you own design. Original dark colored paint with very aged weathered patina. The paint has flaking and the wood has a few grain cracks on one side. I have pictures here that show this. I have left this as I found it when I picked this in Bali and will leave this up to the purchaser if they want to clean it up or even refinish this unique piece. There is also an old wormhole on the back, but this does not affect the artwork on the front. 

One of a kind, you will receive the exact carving you see here. 

  • about 40" long
  • 15 " wide
  • 2.5" at the thickest point


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