Balinese Buddha Mudra Hands Sculpture Lotus statue wood carving Bali Art 10" L

$ 37.79



Beautiful set of 2 Buddha Hands are  carved of Suar Wood on the Island of Bali by the talented Balinese master carvers. Each wrist is embellished with a sacred lotus blossom and the wood is polished to a rich dark finish.

These graceful Buddha hands symbolizes the hands of the Buddha.  Perfect for displaying photos and a greatway to keep your rings or other jewelry when you are not using them. I sell these often to crafters who use these to display their jewelry at shows too. Also perfect to display your business cards, or just to enjoy for their beauty. They are carved from suar wood, which is a hard wood known for it's beautiful rich interlocking grain. 

Each set of hands is unique and there may be slight imperfections in the wood, this is in no way considered a flaw but a reflection of the hand crafted origins of this product .

  • Specifications
  • set of 2
  • 10" long
  • 2" wide
  • 2" tall
  • suar wood
  • artisan crafted in Bali Indonesia




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