Balinese Dewi Sri Mask Cili Rice Goddess Handmade carved wood Bali wall art

$ 53.05


Dewi Sri ~ Goddess of Rice Abundance & Prosperity 

Meticulously hand carved in wood. The Balinese artist painted this in the traditional fashion, in rich shades of blue, with touches of gold leaf, red and green. Mask of this type in Bali are used as guardians, placed on a wall or over doors and windows. A gorgeous adornment for your home. Perfect addition to any mask collection. Sure to add beauty where ever you decide to hang this work of unique & exotic folk art! Each set will be slightly different due to the handcrafted nature of this product. All are equally beautiful!

      •  Size 
      • 16" long
      • 9" wide
      • 4 " deep

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