Balinese Laughing Demon Mask Tattoo Bali Wall Art hand carved wood Beige 9.5"

$ 52.00


Our Laughing Demon Mask especially hand carved by talented Balinese carvers just for Acadia World Traders. This design is based on a very old style Balinese mask. Albesia wood is used which is a fast growing & sustainable wood grown in Bali. After carving the mask is then hand painted deep earthy beige and embellished with a traditional black tattoo like motif . Colors are earthy beige, black with terra-cotta & red .

This is a fun mask, and will make a fantastic addition to any mask collection, or as part of your eclectic decor.

Each mask my be slightly different in carving, paint placement & coloration, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of this unique mask.


  • size is approximately
  • 9.5" L   
  • 7" W 
  • 3" D
  • includes string for hanging on the back 
  • Artisan Crafted in Bali Indonesia


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