Balinese Lintel Arch Architectural Panel traditional Carved Wood Bali Art 77" L

$ 349.00


Balinese Art Panel hand carved in the Traditional Lotus motif that is used to adorn doors and windows & archways all over the island of Bali. This unique piece is hand carved by talented Balinese woodcarvers from jempenes wood, and hand painted with rich colorful detail with a teal background, with reds, greens, blues and goldleaf, with an antique wash. (please note that computer monitors my display colors slightly differently than actual piece) This is a stunning work of art. Perfect in many applications. Choose more than one from our selection and group together for unique wall art! Over a window or door, in back couch or bed to create a stunning focal point. This unique piece of Balinese handiwork is sure to add beauty & serenity to your home where ever you choose to display this magnificent  carving.

Each panel may have slightly different placement of carving and painting, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of thisnuique product.


  • size is approximate size may vary slightly due to the hand crafted nature.
  • about 77" long
  • 12 " wide
  • 1" thick


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