Balinese Lotus architectural Panel Carved Wood Relief Bali wall Art Teal 24"

$ 89.00



Balinese Lotus Architectural Art Carved Wood Panel




Carved in the Traditional Sacred Lotus motif that is used to adorn doors and windows all over the island of Bali. This unique piece is hand carved by talented Balinese woodcarvers from jempenes wood, and hand painted with rich colorful detail with teal for the background color, and green & red with an antique wash for the twining vining floral details. (please note that computer monitors my display colors slightly differently than actual piece) Embellished with gold leaf. This is a stunning work of art. Perfect in many applications. 

Choose more than one from our selection and group together for unique wall art! Over a window, in back couch or bed to create a stunning focal point. This unique piece of Balinese handiwork is sure to add beauty & serenity to your home where ever you choose to display this magnificent  carving.

As this is a hand crafted product each carving may have slight variations in placement of carving. The color and wood grain in each will be unique, and may contain small cracks or checks in the wood which happens naturally as the wood dries. May have slight variations in thickness of the wood due to the hand hewn nature of these panels. There may be visible marks from the hand tools that were used to craft these, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the hand crafted nature of this unique product.

  • size
  • 24" long
  • 11.5 " wide
  • 3/4" thick


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