Balinese Mask Gummy Grin Man Drama Dance Topeng Carved wood Bali ART Old #16

$ 78.00


The Balinese use the Drama or Calang Arang to tell stories that have been passed down for generations. Each mask embodies a different character. The Balinese believe that when a performer wears a mask that he becomes the character they are portraying, or that the mask comes to life. The mask are blessed by a Hindu priest before each performance.  The performances are considered sacred. And an important part of Balinese culture.

This mask is a gummy grin man. He was carved in the Ubud area and is one in a series that I bought last winter from a family of Mask Carvers in a small village north east of Ubud. These mask are from their own collection and are older with a great used patina, not new. Each mask  has a different expression and are one of a kind and perfect for a mask collection.

This is an older vintage mask, and has wear that is expected with the age of this mask.

Carved of pule wood. A wood often used for mask making. carved with nice details.  This mask comes complete with strap and you could actually wear this mask as part of a costume.

  • Perfect collector piece
  • Size
  • 7.5"
  • 7.5" wide
  • 4.5"deep


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