Balinese Mask Moon Goddess Dewi Ratih Carved Wood Bali Wall Art sculpture SIGNED

$ 121.00


Extra care has been taken in crafting this one of a kind art work Two Moon Dancers. This is beautifully sculpted by the Balinese Master carver Made' Tresna.  Made' has also chosen the wood very carefully and used the natural grain of the wood to further enhance this wonderful work.  Made' has done an incredible job as always with this unique one of a kind art. 

Polished to a very smooth finish that only a master carver such as Made" can achieve using only simple hand tools!   This art work has been signed by Made'.

Complete with hook and ready to hang in your home. Please review more photos above.

You will recieve the exact carving you see here.  This is not a stock photo. All of my fine Hindu and Buddhist sculptures are one of a kind works of art that I choose by myself directly from the artist in Bali, many who I have had relationships with for 20 plus years now. You will not find another like this or of this quality here on eBay.

This wonderful work by Made' will be sure to grace you home or sacred space with the deep natural beauty. I am sure you will love and enjoy this amazing artwork of Bali as much as I do.

  • size
  • 7" long
  • 8.5" wide
  • 2.5" deep




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