Balinese Ogoh Ogoh Mask Raksasa Demon Nyepi Bali Folk Art

$ 595.00

Ogoh Ogoh Raksasa Demon Mask that would be used on a giant puppet such as an Ogoh ogoh or ondel ondel. In really superb condition for the age. It is painted in a  earthy red tone, black & gold accents, the two upper fangs are real boars tusk, earrings are decorated with mirror.  There are signs of aging on paint which are consistent with the age, please see photos and review them. There are a few cracks at all in the wood which is expected in a large chunk of wood like this, I have photographed the cracks for you to review, stable and will crack no further. Truly a great example of Balinese cultural art. 

  • Perfect collector piece
  • One of a kind
  • Approx. size. 20" tall x 27.5" wide  x 12"deep
  • Solid wood
  • Vintage mask
  • Real boars teeth
  • Ships fast from our location in the USA

Mask like this are used in Bali to give a face and bring the giant Ogoh Ogoh to life. The giant puppets are built in each village by the youth groups and take weeks to complete. Their purpose is to frighten away any evil spirits and demons from Bali by parading the giant effigies throughout the village streets on the evening before Nyepi Day known as "The Day of Silence" in order to start "Caka" the Balinese New Year. Once the parades are done everyone returns home for meditation and fasting. The lights all over Bali are turned off for a period of 24 hours and even the internet and television signals are disrupted. No lights, cooking or even leaving your house are allowed. Everyone must observe this even if you are not Balinese. Even the airport closes for this entire time. No cars or motorbikes, fires, lights or work unless essential such as police or workers at hospitals. 

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