Balinese Rama Sita Sculpture Hand Carved Frangipani Wood

$ 498.00

Rama & Sita Frangipani Wooden Sculpture from Mas Ubus Bali. Artist & Master Carver Pak Agung Arjana  has incorporated the natural shape of the frangipani root into his work. This is a vintage carving by Agung that I purchased directly from him many years ago. Agung is now in his 70's and is no longer carving due to poor eyesight & sadly his son is not continuing the family tradition of wood carving. 

Rama is holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. He has a finely detailed collar around his neck, and a very detailed belt on his waist, which can be viewed from the front and also across his back. Sinta is draped in flowing robes with her left arm held up over her head, with her hand held in a mudra.

The Branch facing the couple is carved into a tree, with a bird resting on the top most branch. Beneath the tree, a Naga or Dragon is carved, flames shooting from his mouth. The scales on his body are carved, and he is wearing a intricately carved headdress on his head. 

An interesting work of art for your collection that displays beautifully from every angle. Sure to be stunning where ever you choose to place this amazing sculpture representing love, devotion & loyalty. Excellent vintage condition.



      • overall size is: 
      • 23" tall at the tallest point
      • Rama is 12" tall to the head
      • Sita is 13" tall to the head
      • 7" X 6" at the base

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