Balinese Traditional Window shutters Hand Carved wood Bali Art Home Garden Decor

$ 429.00




This  fabulous window has ornately carved Panels and frame, that  are meticulously handcrafted by talented Balinese artist.

The shutters of the window do not have metal hinges, but hinges carved from the wood in the Balinese manner. Also they are crafted using joinery, that means it is old world craftsmanship, no nails or screws involved. Many people also have taken these windows apart and use the frame to create a mirror while using the beautiful panels as wall art. They also make fabulous architectural details in your home, and can be installed as a window  in the interior of your home, as perhaps a pass through between your kitchen and dining room. Or as a lovely decorative accent in your garden. The  panels swing inwards.

They are meticulously painted in the Balinese manner, with lots of scrolling foliage and gold leaf. Colors include the main color, a slate blue & greens, reds, blue,  black and gold leaf. Different computer monitors my display the colors differently.  They are made from Jack-fruit wood, which is also the wood of choice of the Balinese for architectural elements such as these.


      • Do not miss out on this unique find.
      • And they are original Balinese windows used in buildings all over the Island!
      • measures about
      • 32.5" long
      • 25.5" wide at widest point
      • 23" wide at narrow point
      • 2" thick

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