Bird & Cat Garland Set mobile handmade kid's room decor Carved wood Bali 40"

$ 32.95

Unlikely duo of a Dove & Cat in a set of Whimsical Garlands will brighten up any room with their colorful handmade charm! Hand carved in Bali by talented crafts people of albesia wood. Hand painted in cheerful colors; turquoise, pink, orange, white and gray, with rustic wash finish, hanging from handmade sisal string. You may suspend from the ceiling as a mobile, hang in a window, on a door, or even draped on your Christmas tree if you choose. Complete with cord and ready to hang in your home or office or perfect decor childen's bedrooms .

Each will be slightly different, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of this unique product. Overall length may vary slightly also.

The beautiful colors will go with many types of decor.


  • Specifications
  • 40" overall length (may vary slightly)
  • albesia wood
  • artisan crafted in Bali Indonesia

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