Bronze Mermaid Statue Nyai Ratu Blorong Sculpture candelabra Indonesian Bali Art

$ 339.00

Bronze Nyai Ratu Blorong Mermaid Goddess Sculpture Candelabra was handcrafted by the lost wax method of casting in the ancient tradition that has been passed down for generations on the islands of Java and Bali. It has the natural bronze color is highlighted with green verdigris accents on the mermaids tail and crown.
The details are amazing on this beautiful Mermaid Goddess. Dressed in the ancient Majapahit style. Each hand holding a bowl that is suitable for candles.
This is a one of a kind piece, you will be receiving the exact mermaid in the listing.
This is a handcrafted item, please expect slight imperfections in the metal which are part of the casting process, as this is part of the unique charter of this handmade work of art. 
A beautiful work of art for your collection. Sure to be stunning where ever you choose to display these amazing sculpture.
  • 9" tall
  • 10" wide
  • 5.5" x 3.5" at the base
  • Handcrafted of bronze 
Nyai Roro Kidul or Ratu Blorong in mermaid form is known as the goddess or queen of the southern Indian Ocean. Indonesian fishermen annually give offering gifts and sacrifices to her; such as rice, vegetables and batik fabrics, incense & flowers, to be sent afloat to the sea to appease the Ratu Blorong . It's believed the ceremony will please the Queen of Southern Seas, and she in return would bless the fishermen with good catches in fisheries, and also bless them weather and calm seas.
Also known as Nyai Loro Kidul,Dewi Kadita, Ratu Selatan Luat, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.

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