Buddha Tattoo Doll Puppet Figure Hand Painted Hand Carved Wood ikat Balinese

$ 124.00


The head, delicate hands and feet are hand carved of smooth dense crocodile wood, the fine details are added with colorful acrylic paints. The flora and fauna of Bali's lush landscape is hand painted onto this unique doll's face. Whimsical doll is dressed in Green hand woven cotton ikat cloth, which means "to tie" in the Malay language. The cotton threads are wrapped tightly with raffia string before being dyed in a predetermined pattern. The threads are then set on the loom to weave and the beautiful patterns appear. This unique doll can be posed in a variety of positions, sitting, yoga or reclining! Just use your imagine! Guaranteed to become a conversation piece.This dolls body is crafted from ikat fabric with shades of Green. Each doll is unique, created one by one by the artist. You will receive the exact doll photographed here. Please see photos I have included above.



  • Specifations
  • measures about laid out flat measurements are approximate
  • 23" long head to toe
  • 19" wide finger tip to finger tip
  • 100% Hand Woven Ikat Body
  • Hand Carved and painted by talented village artisans in Bali
  • Suggested Retail $148




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