Balinese Mask Rawana Demon King Hand Carved

$ 164.00

The Balinese use the Drama or Calang Arang to tell stories that have been passed down for generations. Each mask embodies a different character. The Balinese believe that when a performer wears a mask that he becomes the character they are portraying, or that the mask comes to life. The mask are blessed by a Hindu priest before each performance.  The performances are considered sacred. And an important part of Balinese culture.

This is an older mask in really superb condition for the age. It is painted in a red chalky type of paint with black & gold accents.  There are signs of age which are consistent with the age. There are no cracks at all in the wood. Truly a great example of Balinese cultural art. 

This mask was carved in the Ubud area and is one in a series that I obtained from a family of Mask Carvers in a small village north east of Ubud. These mask are from their own collection and are older with a great used patina, not new. Each mask  has a different expression and are one of a kind and perfect for a mask collection.

  • Perfect collector piece
  • Size is  about 
  • 11.5" tall
  • 14.5" wide
  • 6"deep

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