Balinese Rama Sita Lovers Hand Carved Wood Sculpture Bali Art

$ 689.00

This incredible carving is carved in the elongated style developed in Mas Bali in the 1940's. The Master Carver Dewa has done a stunning job embellishing this carving with beautiful elongated graceful limbs & finely carved details, including headdress, collar and sarong. Their faces are very sweet with serene expressions as their noses touch affectionately. Carved in two tone gray hibiscus wood ,  this is a very special carving, carved on all sides even the bottom so no matter how you view this it is carved. I have included several photos for you to see this.

You will receive the exact carving you see here. This is not a stock photo. All of my fine Hindu and Buddhist sculptures are one of a kind works of art that I choose by myself, directly from the artist in Bali, many who I have had relationships with for 20 plus years now. When you buy from us you can rest easy knowing we stand behind all of our products 100%. And only offer products that we ourselves would be proud to own and display. The whole work is left natural and wax polished to perfection. 

An stunning work of art for your collection, or a beautiful gift for the one you love. Sure to be beautiful where ever you choose to display this amazing sculpture representing love, devotion & loyalty. We know you will enjoy this amazing work of Balinese art as much as we do.  


  • 20" long x 7" tall x 4.5" deep

  • Solid wood

  • Artisan crafted in Bali

  • What you see is exactly what you get, this is not a stock photo 

  • Ships FAST from the USA

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