Candle Holder Hand Blown molten glass & wood

$ 42.00

Unique mouth blown slumped glass candle holder crafted by talented glass artisans on the island of Bali. Recycled molten glass is slumped over the top of a reclaimed teak root base. This forms a unique glass scape as the molten glass drapes & flows it takes on the gnarly shape of the wood, it almost looks like water is flowing over the wood. 

This organic & earthy work of art will look beautiful in your home or make a perfect gift. This candlestick holder can be viewed from all angles and is a one of a kind and unique work of art. Beautiful as a tabletop sculpture. You will receive one large sized (1) unit. We only have a very limited number of these in stock. Please choose the candle you want from our drop down menu and we will send you the exact candle picture there. 

  • Any flaws, bubbles, mineral deposits or ripples in glass are considered natural and due to the handcrafted origins of this unique product and are in no way to be considered defects
  • No two will be exactly alike
  • The overall size is approximate and will vary
  • Overall size 7" long x 5" deep x  2.5" high
  • The size of the hand blown glass -  4" long x 4" wide x 2" thick
  • The glass color is aqua
  • Hand blown by Balinese artisan
  • Sustainable reclaimed teak wood
  • The glass is removable for easy cleaning
  • Ships FAST  from the USA

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