Celestial Sun Moon Star Prayer Flag Set Bali Batik Art Wall Hanging Boho Decor

$ 44.00

Out of this world Hand Batik Celestial Flags are all completely hand crafted on the Island of Bali. Each banner is painstakingly hand batik-ed by a group of Balinese Ladies in the Ubud Area. Ubud is  famous for this type of batik painting. The wax is drawn on to each hanging in the desired design. The colors are then brushed on by hand with simple bamboo brushes , and blended. The wax forms a block and prevents the colors from bleeding into one another. When they are done applying the colors, the dyes are set, and the wax is removed. And the amazing fabrics are laid out in the rice fields to dry. This results in a beautiful depth of color you would never find in a mass produced machine printed fabric.

Seven beautifully hand batik richly colored flags sewn onto a cord.

Only 100% high quality rayon and cotton cord are used, and are ready to hang. These great flags would be equally as beautiful inside your home or in the garden. Perfect for Yoga studios, spas or retreats too!

Where ever you decide to hang this beautiful work of art it will look amazing and provide you with years of pleasure.

You may machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry, or dry on a cool cycle in your dryer. 


  • Specifications
  • Contains 7 flags that are graduated in size
  • 4 measure - 11"wide X 14"   3 measure - 17 x 10.5 (sizes may vary slightly)
  • Cord length is approximately 10 feet long
  • 100% Hand Drawn Batik Rayon
  • Artisan Crafted in Bali Indonesia
  • Ethically Sourced directly from the artist
  • Ships FAST from our location in the USA


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