Lucky Fat Buddha Statue Traveling Good Fortune Hotei Wood Carving Bali art 16"

$ 289.00


This beautifully detailed carved Happy Buddha also known as Hoi Tai with the Cosmic Dragon was skillfully hand carved by talented Master Carver in Bali completely by hand using only simple hand tools, from one solid chunk of suar wood. A really happy and pleasant presence as he stands on a sack full of money, with the Naga Cosmic Dragon draped over his shoulders. I have included many photos of a this fantastic carving for you to review from every angle.  I have several of these and each one will have slight differences in wood grain and carving. This is not a flaw, but a reflection of the handcrafted origins of this unique product. 

The Happy Buddha is said to bring good fortune into your life. His round smiling face and abundant body are sure to bring you hours of pleasure


    • 16" tall X 10" wide X 6" deep
    • Solid Wood
    • Artisan Crafted in Bali
    • Ships FAST from the USA


About Budai:

Although primarily a folkloric figure, he has been incorporated into a number of Buddhist and Taoist folklore traditions. the Budai is admired for his happiness, plenitude, and wisdom of contentment. One belief popular in folklore maintain that rubbing his belly brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity. In Japan, Hotei persists in folklore as one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Taoism.

Zen Buddhism:

Budai is said to travel giving candy to poor children, only asking a penny from Zen monks or lay practitioners he meets. One day a monk walks up to him and asks, "What is the meaning of Zen?" Budai drops his bag. "How does one realize Zen?" he continued. Budai then took up his bag and continued on his way.

the Naga:

Nagas in Hinduism,  were known as gods of rain and fertility. In Buddhism, they were seen as protectors. For example, there is a story of when the Buddha was meditating and it began to rain. A Naga came up behind the Buddha and unfolded its seven-headed hood over the Buddha so the rain would not disturb him. Images of Nagas are commonly seen decorating temple staircase and roofs (probably because the roofs are wood and susceptible to fire, and Nagas were traditionally thought to bring rain).


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