Tribal Seahorse Betel Nut Lime Container Stash Box Sumatra Toba Bronze Indonesia

$ 69.00

Sumatran Seahorse stash box betel nut container done in stylized primitive seahorse shape that was hand cast in bronze with a silver overlay by the lost wax method by talented crafts people of Indonesia. The graceful lines have a beautiful ethnic tribal flavor.  Tribal designs decorate the sides of the horse. This is done in the primitive style that you would find in North East Sumatra near lake Toba , from the Batak Tribal people. This lovely sculpture is sure to please the collector of Asian or Indonesian art. Beautiful on a side table or shelf as part of your eclectic decor. Perfect as a stash box
  • Specifications 
  • 5" long
  • 4.5" tall
  • 2" wide
  • Bronze with silver overlay
  • Handcrafted in Indonesia
  • Ships FAST from the USA

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