Dolphin Sealife Statue Parasite Mushroom wood carving Sculpture Bali art 8"

$ 49.00




    Three playful dolphins on Parasite wood base hand carved on the Island of Bali from gray hibiscus wood, & polished to a smooth finish. The base is formed from the china-berry branch which has been shaped by a mushroom that naturally grows on the tree, each will have it's own unique formation. The dolphins and sea grass are hand carved and mounted onto the chinaberry base. The fish appear as if they are swimming among the seaweed. A fantastic addition to your home decor. Sure to look stunning where ever you choose to display this amazing and unique work of art.

    Each carving is unique and each will have a different mushroom formation, this is not a flaw, but a reflection of the natural and handcrafted origins of this unique product.

    This comes apart for easy shipping, Very easy to reassemble when this arrives to you. You may arrange this in anyway you prefer!

    Sizes and shape of the base  will vary slightly due to the natural formation of the mushroom wood so the size given is approximate. 

  • Base is about 5.5"  X  5.5" 
  • 8.5" tall
  • Dolphins are 6" long
  • Ethically sourced directly from the Balinese artist
  • Ships FAST from the USA

About Parasite Wood

The China-berry tree is a tree that grows in Indonesia. This type of tree host a natural fungus or mushroom that causes the wood to swell & burst to form these mushroom like growths. The branches  die and fall off the living tree. The carvers then gather the oddly shaped branches from the forest floor, treat them to neutralize the fungus, and carve them into these imaginative works of art! 

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