Dragon Naga Antaboga World Serpent Statue Cast Bronze Sculpture Indonesian Art

$ 429.00

The World Serpent Naga God Antaboga lost wax cast bronze Dragon sculpture. 

Handcrafted in Indonesia from solid bronze using the lost wax method of casting. A silver overlay has been applied to this unique statue.  Shows signs of oxidization. There will be slight imperfections in the texture, this is not a flaw, but part of the unique handcrafted character of this item. 

The Javanese Dragon (Naga in Javanese) is a creature of mythology, known as the world serpent of traditional Javanese mythology. It derives from the early Shiva-Hinduism and Javanese animism. Antaboga is believed to be a guardian deity who resides deep within earths core. This Javanese dragon is described as a giant magical snake, and wearing a crown on his head. Sometimes the Javanese Dragon is depicted wearing earrings and a necklace of gold jewelry. Unlike the Chinese Dragon and European Dragon, the Javanese Dragon looks unique and special because it wears a crown like a king. Compared to the Chinese dragon which has horns on its head, and the European dragon which is like a giant long-necked lizard with wide wings.

• Approx. size: 19"long x  9" tall x  3.5" wide

• Handcrafted in Bali

• Solid bronze with silver overlay

• Ships FAST from the USA

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