Fine Old Balinese Sculpture Father & Child Ubud Bali Art wood carving statue

$ 389.00



The artist has captured the essence of the father & child love in the soft curving lines of this imaginative work of art! The father is lovingly embracing his chubby baby. Special attention has been taken with every to details, you can see the ripples of his muscles, and even the fathers's hair is very finely detail of this fine vintage carving. The father's expression is blissful, his face very sweet. Carved with exquisite sensitivity. 

A really unique piece of folk art from Bali where babies are sacred! A Balinese baby's feet never touch the ground until they reach a certain age, and are believed to be divine little gods and goddess. Then the Family performs a special ceremony for this special day, when the infants feet are at last allowed to touch the ground for the first time and join the human race.
This is a one of a kind vintage work of Balinese art, you will receive the exact art work in this listing. This is not a mass produced.


      • approx. size: 19" long x 8" high x 7" deep
      • One of a kind
      • Artisan crafted in Bali
      • Ships FAST from our shop in the USA

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