Flying Elephant FISH GAJAMINA Winged Demon chaser Guardian Bali folk art carving

$ 58.00



The Gajamina Spirit Chaser Mobile , or sea elephant is half elephant, half fish is a mythical beast known in Balinese folkloric  tales, and one of the creatures of the Balinese astrological charts. Gaja means elephant, and Mina means fish in the Balinese language.

This has been hand carved in Bali by talented crafts people. Albesia wood is carved and the body is painted in an antique white color and the wings in red and black, decorated with goldleaf. A fun mobile for your home. Or a great item for the person who collects elephants mermaids or Balinese flying creatures!


The Gajamina is a mythical beast in Bali and one of the creatures of the Balinese astrological charts.
I have a few of these in stock. Markings and size may vary slightly due to the hand crafted nature of this product
  • 18" long trunk to tail
  • The body is about 3" X 3" thick 
  • Wing span 20"
  • Wings are removable for easy shipping
  • Complete with cord ad ready to hang
  • Solid wood
  • Hand Carved in Bali Indonesia


  • The Flying Winged Spirit Guardians (also sometimes called "Cradle Guardians") myth goes all the way back ancient Majapahit Mythology,  the roots of Balinese culture and art. 

    These Guardian figures are still produced by Balinese artisans today for they have deep cultural & spiritual significance. Typically these carvings have been used in temples or homes since ancient times to ward off evil spirits. They are always hung in a high spot, or if a statue placed on a beam or shelf looking down towards a door or window. Many types may be found from flying angels (known as "Dewi" which means "Goddess" in Balinese), animals or strange hybrids, such as head of a "Kudalaut" horse head & tail of a fish, or "Gajamina" head of an elephant & tail of a fish.  It is believed that a Flying Guardian placed in ones home or sacred space will drive away evil spirits and protect the premises from harm.  

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