Goddess Dewi Gadru w/ egg elongated Nude Statue Bali Hand Carved wood Art 19

$ 198.00

Gadru, Mother of Garuda & Aruna...The story goes that two sisters Winata & Gadru were unable to become pregnant. They asked for help from a high priest who granted their wish by bestowing upon Gadru one thousand eggs, but only giving Winata two. Once the eggs hatched Gadru's children were born as serpents, and Wintata's offspring were mythical birds, one weak and thin, the other strong and mighty. The strongest bird was named Garuda and he became the vehicle for Vishnu, the weaker bird became Aruna. Aruna consumed the serpents leaving only two alive. These two serpents grew to become the great Nagas of the underworld, Basuki and Antabogo, and Gaudrian of Nawasanga the Great World Turtle



This Vintage abstract  is hand crafted in the elongated style made famous in the village of Mas Bali. This imaginative sculpture is depicting Dewi Gadru holding two eggs one in each hand.  The wood is beautiful and dense mahogany wood with a beautiful rich color and smoothness that has been polished to a rich brown finish.   This is a one of a kind carving and you will be receiving the exact sculpture pictured here


  • 19" tall 
  •  3" X 4" at the base
  • Solid Wood
  • Hand Carved in Bali Indonesia

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