Hand Carved Wood Sea Turtle Ocean Life Sculpture

$ 198.00

Sea Turtle Marine Life sculpture was completely carved by hand on the island of Bali by talented Master Carver Wayan Suma.
The turtle is carved from chinaberry wood, all the details are carefully crafted with very realistically rendered. Poised on top of this uniquely formed and heavy natural tree root base that is just amazing, and adds so much to this unique and one of a kind work of art.
I have included several photos for you to review from every angle.
The Turtle is easy to remove and can repositioned however you like. We also remove the turtle for shipping purposes.
You will be receiving the exact carving pictured here, this is not a stock photo. This is a one of a kind and unique product directly from the talented artisans of Bali just for you
  • Specifications
  • Turtle:
  • 16"front flipper to flipper
  • 6.5 back flipper to flipper
  • 3"thick
  • Root Base:
  • 10"tall
  • 6" wide x 7" long
  • Handcrafted in Bali Indonesia
  • Ships fast from our location in the USA

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