Indonesian Wooden Slit Drum Kul Kul Javanese antique

$ 798.00

Javanese Slit Drum antique solid jackfruit wood, known as a Kul Kul in Indonesia. Drums like this were hung and used in the villages as a way to communicate over a distance, calling the people of the village to meetings, deaths or other emergencies and events by tapping out a signal on the side with a stick. The sound would carry far through the village and surrounding jungle and rice-fields to call people to the village meeting house.
Crafted from one solid chunk of jackfruit wood that has been hollowed out on the back. This is in the shape of an animal, maybe a dog? Painted in an amazing shade of blue, with definite signs of age and use which include some loss of paint and a wonderful aged patina. I estimate this to be at least 70 years old, maybe even older. A wonderful addition to any collection of Indonesian or South East Asian art, or a stunning decorators piece.
Size is: 37" long x 16" tall at the ear which is the tallest point x 12" wide

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