Nature Sun Goddess Carved Tree Root spirit Sculpture

$ 198.00


This beautiful Nature Sun Goddess Tree Root Spirit is hand carved from a reclaimed coffee tree root from the island of Bali. Once the coffee trees stop fruiting the wood is harvested so new trees can be planted. The Balinese Artist gives these roots new life by creating these amazing freeform carvings. The goddess face is carved by hand onto the stump and the roots are also carved to form the hair that radiates around of this amazing lady's  face.

There may be slight checkering of the wood on her face. This is normal and due to the nature of the wood and not considered a flaw. We will do our best to choose the best for you. 

Each is a unique one of a kind work of fine art. 


  • Each goddess is one of a kind & may differ in root formation and facial expression than the photos.
  • Approx. size: 24" to 26" diameter
  • 4" to 6" Deep
  • Hand Carved in Bali
  • Reclaimed Coffee Tree Root    


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