Balinese Rain Drum Bronze Bali Hindu art Lost Wax

$ 1,400.00

Old Bronze Balinese Rain drum or moko as they are called in Bali. Beautiful star design on the top center, with what looks like sanskrit symbols in the center. Intricate tribal designs of primitive human figures & deer circle the outer edge of the top of the drum. More primitive human faces circle the sides of the drum, alternating between the four handles. Gorgeous aged bronze verdigris patina with signs of wear.
The style of this drum is similar to drums found in Alor and near Timor and can be found in Bali and even Java. The most famous Bronze drum in Bali is called the Moon of Pejeng. The Balinese revere this drum and legend has it is the moon and fell that it from the sky and was caught in the tree branches. The Balinese honor The Moon of Pejeng with constant offerings.
A beautiful accent piece for your home or garden, as an art object, side table or just to or placed in your garden to hear the patter of rain on the top.
  • 18" Tall
  • 15" diameter
  • One of a kind
  • Solid aged bronze with verdigris patina
  • Ships FAST from the USA

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