Chakra Rainbow Colored 7-Layered Hanging Dream Catcher String

$ 19.95

Handcrafted Rainbow Chakra Layered Dream Catcher. This beautiful and unique string of dream catchers features 7 hoops in the colors of the rainbow, representing the 7 colors of the Chakras. Each hoop is adorned with feathers of their respected color and accented with small beads. Will go with many types of decor, farmhouse, boho, gypsy or hippy to shabby chic, this is a perfect choice to add eclectic flare to your space. . 

Dreamcatchers are used as protection from bad dreams & nightmares while still letting the good dreams through to you.

The sweet dreams enter the the center of the dreamcatcher slip down the feathers to you while you sleep.

Bring sweet dreams with this magical dreamcatcher!

  • Approx. overall length 24" - Diameter of each mandala 1" 
  • Complete with cord, ready to hang
  • Ethically sourced & Handcrafted in Bali
  • Ships FAST from the USA


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