Rangda Demon Queen Statue Kali Durga Goddess Sculpture Bali Art wood carving

$ 489.00

Rangda the demon queen of the leyaks in Balinese mythology. Terrifying and powerful, Rangda is the leader of witches and demons. She fights against the forces of good in the Barong Dance, the battle between Barong the Lion and Rangda The Witch. This dance represents the eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil where nether ever wins thus creating a fine balance between the two forces. Rangda is a also associated with Durga Hindu mother warrior goddess,and Kali the dark mother goddess of destruction, transformation and protection in Hinduism. While Rangda is fearsome and the personification of evil, she is nevertheless a protective goddess in Bali, the same as Kali is a benevolent mother goddess in the India.
Hand carved by Master Carver Ketut Mesin of a a beautiful chunk of solid natural crocodile wood. This carving is very finely carved with an amazing amount and attention to detail. Parts of the nubbled bark for which this wood gets it name are left on, the wood is finely detailed with the image of Rangda with her ferocious face and pendulous breast carved into the wood. This has been finely finished hand waxed to bring out the color and clear grain of this gorgeous wood. Please review photos I have included above.
I only offer a few of these carvings each year for sale, as this is not the common mass produced item you so often see on the market today. You will receive the exact piece we have pictured here. As this is one of a kind.
15" tall
9" X 5" base
Hand Carved in Bali Indonesia

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