Yoga Yogi Asana Statue abstract Balinese Wood Carving Sculpture

$ 289.00

Abstract Yogi Yoga Asana sculpture, the upper body is floating above the lower body, leaving negative space between the two. Hand carved from one single chunk of wood. 

Hand clasped in a mudra,  the arms has a bracelets that has been carved from the solid wood which can move freely up and down the arm. Each ear has an earring carved from the solid wood, they are free moving and can be spun around.  Adding another clever touch to this unique artwork.

No matter which perspective this imaginative work is viewed from it is truly  wonderful.

This carving has been polished and waxed to a beautiful smooth finish that is wonderful to touch.  

Please view all of the photos I have included here to see every angle of this stunning work. You will receive the exact carving pictured here, this is a one of a kind work that I have chosen myself directly from the artist in Bali. Ships quickly from our location here in the USA. 



  • A really unique conversation piece from Bali 
  • 14" tall ~ 11" wide ~ 7" deep
  • Solid wood
  • Hand carved by Balinese Artisan
  • One of a kind, you will receive the exact carving in the photo
  • Ships FAST from our shop in the USA  

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