Twin Dragon Cosmic Naga Statue Hand Carved Suar Wood Sculpture Balinese Art

$ 898.00

Twin Dragon Sculpture; Antaboga, the Cosmic Dragon Naga, he is the protector of the earth and all it's fruits, and Basuki, the Cosmic Naga protector of the waters of the earth. They intwine around the Sacred Mount Meru in the folk tale of the churning of the milky ocean to produce Amerta the elixir of life.

Beautifully detailed here in the Twin Cosmic Naga Dragon sculpture, hand carved by master wood carver Ketut Masin on the Island of Bali from a solid chunk of suar wood, known for it's strong interlocking strong grain that is resistant to cracking is often the choice wood for carving.

  • The wood is left natural & is waxed as is evident by the gorgeous two toned grain. Truly a one of a kind treasure. Please see photos included above.
  • This is a one of a kind, you will be receiving the exact Carving shown in the photos. This is not a stock photo, but photos of the actual carving you will receive.
  • Ships quickly from our location here in Maine, USA
  • Size: 12" wide x 18"tall  x 7" deep
  • Solid Suar Wood
  • Hand Carved in Bali Indonesia

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