Buddha Abhaya Mudra Handle Knob Hook Verdigris Bronze Bali Art Set 2

$ 69.00

Vintage Buddha Mudra Hands hand cast from bronze in Bali by talented master craftsmen who learned the ancient art of lost wax casting from their fathers and grand fathers as a way to embellish their homes and temples.
Graceful Buddha hands formed into a mudra which is to expel negative energy are meant to be mounted on a door,wall or cabinet as a knob, handle, drawer pull or wall-hook. Solid bronze with a beautiful greenish verdigris patina. You will receive the set both Left & Right hand. A beautiful and unique adornment for your home, or where ever you would like to add a touch of serenity.
Please keep in mind that these are older pieces and have developed an aged patina and may have slightly different color & texture than the photos because of this. This is a reflection of the vintage & hand made origins of this unique & beautiful product.
  • Approx. Size: from longest finger to edge of mounting plate - 3.75" long
  • mounting plate has a 2.5" diameter
  • 1.5" high
  • Screws are not included
  • Solid bronze
  • Will be variations in coloration & texture
  • Artisan crafted
  • Ships FAST from the USA

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