Winged Flying Dewi Redheaded Goddess Mobile carved wood Bali Art

$ 58.00

Winged Flying Dewi Sri Redheaded Goddess Mobile, hand carved and painted on the Island of Bali, our gorgeous Dewi is completely hand carved by the talented carvers of this magical island from Albesia wood, a sustainable tropical wood grown and harvested for carving.
Each Goddess is hand painted with beautiful detail  in rich shades of green, with touches of gold leaf and a purple floral design. A really unique addition to your home, will brighten up even the darkest corner! A wonderful addition for your collection of Balinese Guardian mobiles! Each mobile may vary slightly, this is a reflection of the hand crafted nature of this product.
  • Unique gift or whimsical decoration for your home!
  • The arms wings are removable for easy shipping.
  • Size- 18.5" long - about 8.5"wingspan
  • Artisan crafted in Bali
  • Hand Carved & painted
  • Includes cord and hook for hanging
About Dewi Sri:
Dewi Sri is the much loved Goddess in Bali of agrarian culture. All rice paddies in Bali have small temples as tributes to this very favorite Balinese Hindu Deity, where offerings are placed each day to pray for an abundant harvest. She is also known as the Rice Mother or Cili.

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