Yoga Pillow Pouf Zafu Eco friendly Organic kapok fill

$ 58.00

Hand crafted in Bali of beautiful hand woven Balinese cotton from the village of Sideman creates the top & bottom, while iridescent sari fabrics forms the sides; each pillow is then filled with 100% natural and organic kapok fiber from the kapok tree that has been grown and harvested in Bali.

This unique pillow is as beautiful as it is functional and will look gorgeous in your home. Perfect for meditation, yoga or just for lounging around. Has a beautiful feel, and will hold it's shape unlike similar pillows that use synthetic fiber fill. 

Each pillow will have different variations and placement of the sari fabric, this is a reflection of the handcrafted origins of the unique fabric & in no way is considered a flaw. 



  • Specifications
  • approx. size: 6" thick x 12" diameter 
  • 100% organic kapok fiber filling
  • Shell is crafted of 100% cotton tops & sides are constructed of 100% rayon
  • Handcrafted in Bali

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